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What Does This All Mean?

Sep 18, 2018

Mike and Jeremy Gilley recount Jeremy’s journey to discovering his truth. How he met the Dali Lama. How he achieved what some said was an impossible idea in making International Peace Day a reality. How this day has impacted tens of millions of people across the globe, and what it means for believing in eventual...

Jun 21, 2018

How do you bring "impossible" ideas to life? Mike Posner and Ken Kragen discuss the journey of making an impact - from the Hands Across America to We Are the World to Ken's Rule of Three and why it works.

Jun 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like behind the lens of fame? Or what it takes to have long-term success? Mike Posner and Alex Banayan speak candidly about Mike’s journey, the ups and downs, and how to maintain longevity. Mike describes how he handles negative comments, maintaining relationships, and...

Jun 5, 2018

Alex Banayan speaks to Amor Fati Music Academy attendees on the art of risk-taking. He recounts the first time he truly listened to his intuition, the rollercoaster that was his journey to secure one of his top interviews for “The Third Door,” and how it almost didn’t happen.

Mar 7, 2018

‘Tear Drops and Balloons’ is the audiobook to Mike Posner’s first book of poetry scored by Mike himself. By holding nothing back and showing no mercy in his words, Mike has created a body of work that showcases his ability to open his own wounds and show us what lies within. “The swan doesn’t beg for attention...