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What Does This All Mean?

Jan 18, 2018

Mike welcomes his listeners into the new year and shares tools to help recalibrate your life direction. Through quick and fun exercises, Mike challenges you to find new daily routines that will help bring your goals to fruition.

Jan 11, 2018

Mike shares his thoughts on self-identification and community building in the wake of his experience at Burning Man. By stripping himself of his social identity, Mike walks his listeners through his re-discovery of why he makes music, the experience of gifting versus bartering, and reclaiming who you are in a...

Jan 4, 2018

Mike sits down with legendary music manager, Shep Gordon, at his home in Maui. Shep shares stories with Mike about cooking for the Dalai Lama, his dynamic outlook on death, the art of managing superstar artists, and how he learned to be comfortable in his own skin. 

Shep Gordon is an illustrated music manager who has...